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43°48′N 131°58′E. Winter. Tigers and snow leopards scavenge the bins of the suburbs. Ekat Bork was born here with China to her west and the Sea of Japan to the east and Moscow 6000 miles away. She was too young to remember the Soviet Union but the scars on the community remained.

Like the big cats of her city she scavenged and survived and planned her escape. Her city had a circus. Ekat learned the trapeze and gymnastics. She sang traditional songs of the Russian far east. She danced and wailed, wild and unrestrained. She studied at the university. She watched heavy metal bands but didn’t understand them. She packed all she had, stole the money from her mother’s purse and caught the Trans-Siberian Express to St Petersburg. It took nine days. But her journey to freedom would take much longer.

She busked on the subway, she crashed in filthy squats with no-name bands. She worked and was fired for singing instead of selling. She escaped again… to Switzerland.

She studied at CPM IN Milan “singing and contemporary writing and production” and made contacts within the musical world of Switzerland and Italy. Ekat expresses herself by writing music, lyrics and arrangements. In October/ December 2013 she performed with Eric Martin and Jannifer Batten in acoustic and electric shows on a long tour. June 2013 she released her first album “VERAMELLIOUS” produced by the Indie Label GinkhoBox with her manager and producer Silvio Cattaneo and the music producers Francesco Fabris fand Sandro Mussida. In 2014 she reached the most important stages in Switzerland like the Gurten Festival, M4music , Label Suisse…

With her co-producer, Francesco Fabris she found an outlet for her anger,
her passion, her uniqueness, her love of people, her desperation, her explosive sensuality. Together, they recorded two challenging, uncompromising albums, “VERAMELLIOUS” and in 2015 she was working on her new Album “YASДYES”
(“I am here now”) recorded in different locations in Italy, Switzerland, Russia, Poland and Germany. January 2016 Album mastering at Calyx studios in Berlin.
The response from her European audience base was divided. Some couldn’t handle her frankness and resistance to commerciality. Many others embraced her. At last they’d found the sugar-free honesty they’d been seeking. Someone who’d seen the best and worst of the world and wanted to talk to them about it.

To meet that demand, she threw her entire self into creating a vehicle for her music, live performances that left Ekat and her devoted audience drained and euphoric. She took her show across Europe and then disappeared to her Alpine eyrie to regroup, reconsider and relax with her love and her hounds.

In late 2017, Ekat needed a new environment to inspire her next project. Greenhouse Studios in Reykjavik became their creative lair in the land of fire and ice. The wild, unfamiliar landscape and the openness of the Icelandic people refreshed Ekat’s creative juices and over a period of weeks, “KONTROL“ emerged.
Mastered by composer, producer and engineer, Valgeir Sigurðsson.

“KONTROL” is a four song EP of vast electronic atmospheres, heart-pumping rhythms and dark, emotional depth. It is beautiful and tense and desolate. Two tracks will be singles, wrapped in provocative videos. The first is the title track, KONTROL, out May 17th, expressing Ekat’s frustration at the pervasive surveillance society in the so-called free West. “Why are you afraid of robots when you act like a robot yourself?” It will be released on the 17th May. The second,”ZHIVAGO” will release on the 21st September. It evokes a sense of loss: loss of family, loss of her ties to the mighty River Amur that divides her homeland, and loss of history and connection to her/our roots. Neither single is for the faint-hearted. Like the river, nothing about Ekat’s music is shallow or safe.

When Ekat ran away from her home, she wasn’t seeking safety. She was seeking freedom.

And so, in May and June 2018, Ekat Bork will find herself free, naked and fearless as she embarks on her first SOLO TOUR.

Ekat Bork is still escaping…

“You’re trying to gag me. You never will.”





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