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Wipeout Wipeout
Jonny Sumo

Genre: サーフ / ロック / インストロメンタルSurf / Rock / Instrumental
Country: UK  

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British Rock Drumming legend Jonny Sumo has a new video single exclusively to YouTube....guitarist Phil Campbell features loudly...Phil Campbell played in Motorhead for over 20 years ...the video is a rock n roll kickass version of classic 60s instrumental "Wipeout!".... And is meant to be lots of fun...lots of nostalgia...lots of rock n roll...check it out??

Jonny Sumo has played drums all over the world and feels most at home in Tokyo, last March he played a few nights at A.A Company in Tachikawa with the house bands!

When in Tokyo Jonny likes to ride the subway trains and go to lots of Live House shows, he loves music, his fave bands are Whitesnake, AC/DC, Rainbow, Pantera etc Jonny loves the rock drummers..his fave is Cozy Powell, but he loves Bonham and Paice and Rondinelli and Vinnie Paul...all the rocking drummer guys!

Jonny Sumo doesn't sell his music, he has lots of videos online for people to watch...he had one a couple of months ago called "Tokyo Strong" that got 176 thousand views...and that made Jonny Sumo very happy!

Jonny should be back in Tokyo very soon, watch his video and tell him what you think??

Domo Arigato

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