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Karbala War (Album) Karbala War (Album)
Karbala War

Genre: シンフォニック・メタルSymphonic Metal
Country: ボリビア / Bolivia  

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Album Title: Karbala War

Track List:
1. The Inferate (Hell Inside)
2. Roman at War
3. Land of Lies

Symphonic metal "Karbala War" is the music project of Bolivian composer and guitar/bass/keyboard player Daniel Carbajal.

Session Musicians:
Vocals: Nathan Nasby
Guitars: Rob Aitken
Keyboards on Roman at War: Paul Doolan
Brass Trumpets on Roman at War: Donald Malloy

Mix and Mastering Enginer: German Duran

The Inferate (Hell Inside)
Musically its structure is on minor classical harmony. Composse under the concept of inference. An intimate song that tries to explore the different facets of a person. Inferate , know yourself , explorate , look at you. And really that lives within you the good and bad, dark and infinite , heaven and hell within oneself .

Roman at War
Musically explores different scales, Roman, Spanish and minor. It is somewhat difficult to understand that combination. But the end result is intended to reflect the strength and harshness of the Roman Empire and the anguish of native peoples, peoples and nations whithout home. Blasted against the legions of destruction. Peoples however, once fallen empire, inherited their future history , Galos, Germans and Anglos, will build on the ruins of ancient Rome , organized under a new empire of borders and flags.

Land of Lies
Track built on a minor scale. With a high sense of sadness. The search for love in another person, the search for inner peace within oneself. Nobody's here. Finding no one in the land of the lies.


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