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Charlie Rebel

Genre: パンクPunk
Country: オーストラリア / Australia  

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Charlie Rebel Releases New Single "BETTY"!

Fresh from their 2017 Japan Tour, the Gold Coast Charlie Rebel boys have a brand new single BETTY set for release at the end of April along with a film-clip by local director Nils Nilsson. The new single BETTY is all about getting back up on the front line of life when you’re down with the help of your friends, breaking free from depression and anxiety, having a voice and taking control of life. Getting back up and screaming out for what you want, creating your own future.

A raw untamed live track, BETTY features the bands live show energy, groove and fast-paced punk attitude. Backed by Nick’s roaring melodic guitars and driven by Chris’s power rock drums, the band is filled out with some powerful bass from local producer/label Guy Cooper. To celebrate the band is again returning to their fans in Tokyo, Osaka and Kobe in Japan this May with Human Records following a few local shows on the 27th April Miami Shark Bar Gold Coast, 8th May Howl & Moan in Bryon Bay and 10th May at Rics Bar in Brisbane.

Tour Schedule

Friday 27th April - Miami Shark Bar, Gold Coast, Australia
Tuesday 8th May - Howl n Moan Records ByronBay, Australia
Thursday 10th May - Rics Bar, Brisbane, Australia

Fri 18th May - Arthouse, Kobe, Japan
Sat 19th May - Brand New, Osaka, Japan
Sun 20th May - Sengoku, Osaka, Japan
Wed 23rd May - Club Kinoto, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan
Thurs 24th May - 20,000 Volts Denatzu, Tokyo, Japan

With punk rock at heart, Charlie Rebel challenges the very four walls that encompass our society. Visceral lyrics, accompanied by gritty sweet sibling harmonies are just the beginning of the band's solid foundation. The new single marks the start of their debut album to be released later this year entitled PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF EARTH and embraces the bands punk attitude of calling out corruption, abuse of power, government absurdity and tackling life head-on. Both the single and album is produced on the Gold Coast by Guy Cooper from Serotonin Productions/Human Records.

Their previous EP STARE AT THE SUN was launched with 9 shows on the Japanese punk scene in 2017, before returning home for the Australian shows in late 2017 & early 2018. Tired of just letting the system run its course, the two founding brothers of Charlie Rebel have set off on a lifetime mission of taking their punk rock music around Australia and the globe. Since inception, the band has completed numerous tours of Australia as well as performing alongside some of the most reputable Aussie bands such as Wolfmother, The Radiators and British India and Spiderbait.

The band always steps forward with a message, stands up and speaks out for what they believe in. The new single BETTY is the first from the new album PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF EARTH, it’s time to bring some punk rock back to the Australian and Japanese punk scene’s and Charlie Rebel is here to make that happen.。

Check out http://www.charlierebel.com for more info about the new single, tour dates and to see the new music video.

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